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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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squirrel, i think. emergency workers managed to catch him with a blanket and remove the cup. there we go. will we see it before we have to go to shepard? we've leave you hanging. by. now, shepard smith recording live from the fox news deck. >> it's 3:00 in new york city and what a day, today donald trump's campaign is making big changes so donald trump won't have to change himself. the wall street journal was first with the news in today's editions, reporting donald trump was so fed up with people telling him he has to pivot to tone his talk that donald trump is turning to a new team that'll let donald trump be trump. donald trump appointed a new chief executive, stephen bannon, the executive chairman of the conservative bright bart news, and once called bannon the most dangerous political operative in
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america, and donald trump brought on a new campaign manager, kellyanne conway. she's a republican pollster who has been advising donald trump for quite a while. there's her picture. today she told fox news donald trump has no plans to change his outspoken style even after his fall in recent polls. >> i think he doesn't like people telling him what to say and how to do it. maybe that's hillary clinton's game, what did the focus groups say, who should i believe, what do i say, how do i say t. the fact with donald trump is still he's his own best mess everyoen >> and paul manafort, according to the reporting of the wall street journal, trump was angry, manafort was trying to make him into a more traditional candidate, and we're told paul manafort will stay in his role as a top advisor and manafort faced a lot of securitity over work he did for a ukrainian political party with ties to vladimir putin. in the meantime, donald trump is
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right now said to receive his very first classified intelligence briefing. a live look right here at the fbi field office in new york city. it's something all major party nominees get as the race winds down. but before the classified briefs, donald trump told fox news, he doesn't have much faith in the current intelligence officials. >> i won't use some of the people that are sort of your standards, just use them, use them, use them, very easy to use them, but i won't use them because they've made such bad decisions. look at iraq and the middle east. >> trump with ainsley air heart with fox and friends. trump brought new jersey governor, as you know, and retired lieutenant general michael flynn, and met with police and law enforcement in new york city after a scripted address on the protest against police in milwaukee. meantime, hillary clinton is campaigning in cleveland. this afternoon she talked about her plans for the economy and
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how it would be very different from dumponald trump's proposal. here's jennifer griffin live in cleveland, and carl cameron is at trump tower in new york city this afternoon. this shakeup, what does it mean going forward from here and ever after? >> reporter: it does mean paul manafort, the campaign chairman has been layered with a campaign chief executive, by the runner of bright bart news, and kellyanne conway, and paul manafort was trying to get trump to appeal to more swing voters, the undecided folks, maybe they're conservative democrats disaffected by hillary clinton, and/or republican never-trumpers who may be suedable to trump if he could change his tune a little bit. they don't call this a shakeup, they call this an expansion, add more bodies, have more voices,
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perhaps get some more information into trump's rhetoric. ken kel kellyanne conway, quite famous to type into the polls and the theme voters care most about and it also illustrates that trump is not going to do a pivot in terms of tone. he will be given more information about policy, which was part of the meeting that took place a short while ago at trump tower. it wasn't just law enforcement. there were members about congress, and really about his law and order agenda before meeting with the fbi for this classificati classification. he's not getting top-secret information or raw intelligence. it's not he's talking about the intelligence so much is he's talking about the analysis and the analysts. he thinks they have blown it in the years's past, whether it was the obama or the bush administration and that's why he's expressing this skreeptici. the truth of the mather matter
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not these candidates deserve the criticism for having the information and whether they're credible in receiving it. trump argues hillary clinton should never get any private information because of her e-mail server and is self-evident she can't be trusted, where as the democrat candidates say trump is irresponsible and reckless, shep. >> carl, this afternoon, trump is scheduled with a meeting of the fbi, to get some degree of intelligence. what do we know about how that may happen and what trump may learn? here's the building right here, go ahead, carl. >> reporter: and that's 50-some odd blocks in midtown and will take a while to get there and he's just left a short while ago. this is the beginning of a process and along the lines of a process whether or not they are trustworthy of intelligence, there's a an awful of reporters and democrat reporters saying to
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see if trump's message changes once he's sat down with the government officials and gets the classified information. it's a more scrubbed version, usually a couple pages and a verbal debriefing from government officials. but it will be the first time he'll be getting firsthand real time information and it won't be every day. it may be once a week, by schedule, and this is a very important part and what the government promises is, that both candidates will get the exact same briefing, meaning hillary clinton will hear the same things donald trump does. >> carl cameron live at trump tower, carl, thanks so much. donald trump's economic proposals would allow the billionaire to play a lower tax rate than middle class americans, or that's the clean today from hillary clinton. she rallied against the real estate mogul's financial plans just a short time ago at what her campaign billed as a tax fairness event in cleveland. >> of course we have no idea what tax rate he pays because unlike anybody else who's run for president in the last four or five decades, he refuses to release his tax returns so the
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american people can't really judge. >> well, this is just the latest in a series of attacks from secretary clinton targeting donald trump's financial plans. donald trump says he wants to cut taxes for america's top earners from 39.6% to 33%. trump also says he'll release more details of his plan in the coming weeks. meantime secretary clinton p proposed several tax hikes for the rich including what she calls a super-charge of 4% on americans earning more than $5 million a year. analysts say that would effectively create a new top tax bracket of 43.6%. jennifer griffin is live in cleveland where the speech took place today, hello, jennifer. >> reporter: hi, shepard. the trump campaign also says when she was senator in 2008 during the great recession that she voted to raise taxes on the middle class, something that he says that she has never done. this gym nazium behind me was packed with about 2,400 people.
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hillary clinton supporters had lined up outside of this school, john marshall school, in cleveland, wrapping around the block. inside there were mostly mothers, many teachers here. hillary clinton outlined as you mentioned what she's describing as the trump tax loophole. >> so if you believe donald trump is as wealthy as he claims, we can't say that for sure, but let's assume it, he would, by eliminating the estate tax, save the trump family $4 billion. and do absolutely nothing for 99.8% of all americans. >> reporter: the trump campaign says hillary clinton may have released her tax records but those aren't the -- the papers or documents that the american public wants. they say they want to know where the 30,000 e-mails are that her lawyers wiped from her server.
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shepard? >> it's not as if the trump campaign hasn't watched. they have to have seen and commented on they had to say. fill us in. >> reporter: as she walked through the high school halls, some reporters shouted questions, refusing to answer them, but here's what she said about the recent trump shakeup. >> they can make him read new words from a teleprompter, but he's still the same man who insults gold star families, demeans women, mocks people with disabilities, and thinks he knows more about isis than our generals. >> reporter: she went on to say there is no new trump. this is it. she'll be in new york tomorrow where she'll be meeting with law enforcement, as well. back to you, shep. >> jennifer griffin with the update, thank you. let's get to john busy associate editor for the wall street journal, john is joining
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us today from atlanta. john, big picture, your thoughts on this change and the trump campaign today? >> reporter: the story on the wall street journal is cutting it both ways for trump. he wants on the one hand to sort of reboot to get new leadership at the top and that's what he's done. mind you this is the second time in two months that he's refashioned the top of his campaign. but it's not as if he's going to be reading more from the teleprompter. our story, which broke this news in the journal, pioints out he wants to be more trump. he doesn't be to be choreographed and that's where manafort was pushing him, to appeal more to the republican establishment. but trump says, no, that's not what got me through the primaries successfully. i want to be able to kind of be me on stage so you're likely to see more of that. >> trump mentions polls a lot. the polls suggest he has specific problems with specific
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voter groups in swing states and the establishment has been saying you need to make this pivot. now they've made a decision to do this in a different way, how do they think that's going to help them with those crucial swing voters? >> reporter: i'm not sure you're going to see the policy issues change much here. i think it's going to be a matter of trump style of continuing to be trump style. on the other hand the family has been counseling him saying you have to be careful not to go too far off script because when you've done that in the past you've given them, as they've worded it, ammunition to our enemie enemies, some of the gaps that he's made, a pretty profound one in the last couple weeks. the groups that you point out that he doesn't have a lot of transaction with, black americans, african-americans, particularly 1%, 2% in some of these polls, it's too low to be able to carry a state like pennsylvania right now. he's hoping that his ad campaign, which he's going to
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kick into gear very soon, mind you hillary clinton has been out with hers but the trump campaign has not had a robust advertising up to now, really hasn't had any. he's hoping that's going to change some of the momentum for him to the positive. >> john, even among closest friends, greatest confidants, people of like minds, they're always those in whom you believe, who believe there's better way to go. if there are detractors within trump's closest group, who are they? >> manafort has been trying to push him to become more conventional and the family has been doing something of the same in our story today. on the other hand, trump is himself the head of this campaign and he has resisted that effort because he feels uncomfortable just reading from a teleprompter and he feels it's false so he's going to want to
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be more extemperaextemperaneous. he's bringing on roger llyasoai amid the sexual harassment scandal, the head of brigeitbar a media savvy person. >> and the wall street news confirmed? i didn't read that this morning. >> he's been guiding him and he's presumed to be the person who's going to prepare him for the debate. if that happens, shep, this is a very competent guy who's prepared a lot of republican candidates in the past for their debates and that's where this -- the presumption is that roger ailes will play a role. >> has he spoke own that matter, roger llyaso
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roger ailes? >> he has not. >> john bussey from the wall street journal, thank you very much. and hillary clinton on the handle for how she handled classified e-mails, and lawmakers can't even see some of those e-mails themselves because they're too secret. plus, should you medicate your kids who have adhd? we'll speak with a doctor behind the stunning new report about which we read in this morning's wall street journal and why telling stressed people, relax, might be the worst thing to do. that's coming up on the fox news deck on this busy wednesday afternoon.
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fbi officials handed some members of congress documents from their investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server. this after several house republicans insisted the former secretary of state perjured herself during her testimony to congress last fall. catherine herridge, the chief
12:18 pm
intelligence correspondent. >> reporter: the fbi interview was heavily redacted at the request of the cia because of highly classified programs called special-access programs were discussed on the clinton e-mails and republican chairman of the house government oversight committee said that even he doesn't have the high enough security clearance to read the documents in full, quote, as a chairman of the chief investigative body in the house it is significant i can't even read these documents in their entire, jason chafet said, that shows how dangerous it was to have this intelligence, highly classified on the unsecured personal server where it was vulnerable. some of the notes from the fbi investigation are so sensitive they were only provided to the house and senate intelligence committees because those lawmakers have the highest level of security clearance. other documents are heavily redacted and all of the documents can only be store and reviewed in a secure facility on capitol hill known as a skip and that fact alone is raising questions. >> this information being highly
12:19 pm
classified, quoting the fbi s in direct conflict with what the state department and ms. clinton said is on the server. you cannot have it both ways and you cannot say one day this is unclassified, nothing to see here, the next day only certainly peopcertain people can say this and therefore you must not be able to take it out of a secure facility. >> the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee adamsh adam ship, this will neither serve the interest of just us or aide congress in its responsibilities and will merely set precedent for the fbi to turn over case files whenever one party in congress does not like a procesecutorial decision but it was the democrats who posted this fbi let or line last night, shep. >> kathryn herridge, thank you. trouble for some high profile american swimmers who reported a robbery in rio a judge ordered ryan lochte, and his teammate, jimmy feigan to
12:20 pm
surrenderer passports and stay put, so cops can see what happened. lochte already slipped out of the country and is in the united states, but feigan, new information and it's next. what's it like to put your home in good hands?
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a judge in brazil, ordering ryan lochte, and one of his teammates stay in the country while officials investigate whether he may have lied about getting robbed. ryan will ryan lochte is the one with the believed hair. the father and the lawyer said they're back in the us. jimmy feigen, we thought he was back in the united states, but we just got word a short time ago that he told the san antonio express news that he is still in
12:24 pm
rio de jeneiro. the paper reports it contacted feigen for an interview. the athlete's response, and i quote, i can't talk right now, i'm being blank stormed right now, unquote. during the we hours on sunday, the swimmer and a couple other teammates were in a taxi heading back to the athletes village. it was late after midnight and somebody pulled them over. ryan lochte claims some guys with police badges whipped out guns and told them all, get down on the ground, and lochte refused get down on the ground and one guy put a gun to his forehead. the swimmer says he was, like, quote, whatever, before the men robbed the athletes. but now a police official tells the associa the associated press, can't find the taxi driver, or any witnesses and don't believe the story at all, and believe lochte and one other swimmer were drink and couldn't remember what color the taxi was. on top of that, the swimmers did not call the police at all at
12:25 pm
that time and cops started investigating only after reading reports about the robbery. usa today newspapers reporting the olympians did not immediately tell officials about the incident because they were afraid of getting in trouble. but swim lochte's lawyer says there is no question the men got robbed and the brazilian government is trying to save face. organizers in rio are dealing with a big problem in the events, empty seats. the wall street journal reports in today's edition officials have not been able to fill the venues even during some of the biggest events, not even close. spectators say there were thousands of empty seats during ashante miller's big event monday night, and usain bolt's 100-meter dash on sunday. and this is from a volleyball match between canada and latnia. and coba cabana mpacabana was r
12:26 pm
night. but different sport, look at the seats, usa today women on the basketball court, no love for these canoes, either. look at all the empty seats, and poor andy murray. andy murray playing in the semis with this kind of crowd? oh, no that's the next picture. here's it is, just as bad. andy mur senray is not used to and one spokesman said it's in part because of the long lines and a tough time getting into the venues. steve harrigan with the news in rio, i don't know how it's hard to get in if there's no one in the line. >> reporter: that's right, shepard, they're trying to fix things by giving away 300,000 tickets to schoolkids but u.s. mens basketball, you can still see some empty seats, especially when events are early in the morning like at the track and field stadium, it holds 60,000,
12:27 pm
but at many events there's just a few thousand people in the stands and for some sports it's really a worst-case scenario, where there's not much history, like rugby. some have said this just doesn't feel like an olympics, shepard. >> steve harrigan live, sure doesn't look like it in those pictures. and lillian now, an olympic photo finish is causing some confusion on the internet. you've probably seen the picture of u vain boilt smiling, in the middle of the 100-meter dash, it's clear he won the race, but not who should get credit for the image. what's this about? >> you've probably seen this image, or this image, or both and not realized they were different and that's pretty much because they're the same. these two photographs were standing next to each other and took this photo within a millisecond of each other, same camera zoom lens, the only difference is a slightly different shutter speed. which one do you like better? >> this first one part of the slow shutter speed, his leg
12:28 pm
disappears like on the green screen. >> yes. >> and the second picture, other parts of him are blurry. >> yes and you can see it's a little bit -- >> when you put them together, he doesn't look as blurry, but still isn't that cheating from a photography standpoint? they both have gone viral. what do you mean by "cheating"? >> if you put the same photo on the screen, it tells the story but it's not one picture. >> "the wall street journal" is just showing both pictures have gone viral online. >> okay. >> and it's become an iconic image for the olympics but both photographers want to say that was my picture and since nobody can tell the difference, it's hard. >> they can share. >> yes. >> i love the way he looks around at the end. your track coach will tell you stare dead ahead, not usain bolt. >> no, he's enjoying himself. >> he always does. lillian, thank you so much.
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the u.s. coast guard is helping to evacuate more than 500 people from a ferry after it caught fire off the coast of puerto rico. crews brought passengers into the harbor in san juan, treating some of them for dehydration and shock. no reports of anyone seriously hurt. a top north korean official, makes him one of the highest ranking diplomats ever to detach from the decktator ship, according to a diplomat, and says he was worried about his family. and after recent attacks in
12:32 pm
germany, officials in munich are boosting security at aktoberfest which starts next month, banning large bags and adding guards. last month a gunman opened fire killing nine people before shooting himself to death. the news continues with shepard smith right after this.
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12:34 pm
mexican officials are bracing for a potential wave of violence they say after gunmen kidnapped the son of the world's most notorious drug kingpin, el'el chapo'. we just got him, a block that covers drug cartels reports this image shows elchap o guzman's son on his knees and investigators say the kidnapping took place at a restaurant in
12:35 pm
puerte viarta, and shows guzman sitting at the table before the chaos erupted and was among seven men the kidnappers took. first we were at 16, now we know seven. elchap o is the leader of the sin low a chapel, and called alisco nu interaceon. kidnappers stormed into the restaurant and separated the women and left with guzman and the other men. el chap o is in a border town of jaresiden juarez after being captured after escaping six months through an elaborate tunnel beneath his cell, and investigators say tunnel had lights, and ventilation and metal rails and that led to a construction site about a mile from the pin
12:36 pm
from the prison. it was the second time he used a ton toll escape. trace gallagher is live, what more do we know, trace? >> reporter: by all accounts, shep, this is a very brazen kidnapping and a bold challenge to the sin low a cartel, which has dominated that region. experts say if the kang is behind this, it signifies an escalation in the turf war, and remember, his son, jesus guzman was helping to run his cartel while his father is in prison. it's also worth noting that no one -- no one has contacted mexican authorities to report these men missing, which is not surprising because experts say these matters are usually handled in-house. on the flip side, there has been no ransom demand from the kidnappers. mexican authorities vowed to find the victims and punish the suspects but authorities also realize the cartel will respond immediately and that next few weeks could be very, very
12:37 pm
bloody. >> since we're on the subject, is there anything new -- we've been talking about this in a long time -- about the possibility of guzman being extradited to the united states? >> on a series of appeals filed by the lawyers of juakine elchap o guzman, his lawyers are pushing the statue of limitation has run out and some of the evidence is based on hearsay. the mexican justice system runs very slowly and the appeals process can take years to run its course. of course u.s. authorities are concerned the longer he stays in custody, the higher the odds that he escapes. the mexican government approved his extradition on the condition that he not face the death penalty in the u.s. so the bottom line is, he's coming here, it just might take a while. shep. >> trace gallagher, los angeles, thank you. hey, apple, your move now. samsung releasing this week what
12:38 pm
some critics are calling a challenge to the iphone. the galaxy note 7, it's a very big phone, or if you prefer, a phablet, a cross between a phone and a tablet. it has a styleus, one of those little pointer things so you can write on the screen as you would with a pen. in its review of the galaxy note 7, "the wall street journal" newspaper writer said today the note is a great phone. in keeping with samsung winning 2016 formula, do more, in more places, with bigger screens, better camera and more storage. the fox business network opinion this year, i'm an iphone kid and everyone is like, there's better out there. >> there is better out there our fine colleagues at the wall street journal just quoted there's every reason in the world to buy this galaxy note 7, water resistant, it charges wirelessly, it has memory for days, shep, you can put movies, photos.
12:39 pm
it basically has the same power and memory as anything you would see on the desktop. great camera. >> the camera better than this iphone camera? because this is good. >> i went through three different blogs where techies took one picture with a lot of iphone products and it's true. clearer, it allows for a little bit -- >> and the screen, too? >> the screen, as well. it is served, it's high resolution, all the techies love it. the longer question is just about apple's halo effect. if you have an imac, if you have any other products, you're an addict. if you just look at the hardware, people say it's a better phone. it's huge. a pop tart, for example, because this is a metrics we had so all use in our daily lives, 4.5 inches. and this is 5.7, so it's about 1.3 poptarts in size. >> i can't move all my apps easily which is part of the reason i've never switched and there's pricing issue, right?
12:40 pm
>> there is a pricing issue. so the samsung is $850, or any of the subsidies, and $650 for the apple iphone, and doesn't have the memory, according to those pregaming, and a lot of the same features. water resistant, you can't go under water, deep sea diving with it, but it's really all about the halo effect. if you're betting against apple they're saying they haven't really come out with a product to really run out and get it. the watch was a flop. the samsung is a better product and you can be weaned off of the apple operating system. maybe this is the product that gets you to try to leave the i-universe. i can see steve jobs' presence in the room. >> there's great article in today's wall street journal at
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12:45 pm
one person who lives in the area says the fire spread so fast it went from, did you hear there's fire to mandatory evacuation. lots of freeways were shut down. it was horrible. fire officials say they've told people in more than 34,000 homes to get out now and the flames have already destroyed houses and buildings there. they also say they've sent 1,300 firefighters, many of them just came off fighting a ten-day fire to the east, so fire troubles in los angeles and beyond today. using drugs to cheat children with attention deficit hyper active disorder, it's a very controversial issue. talked to parents involved and they'll give you so many different stories. a brand-new study shows putting those kids on hyper activity drugs, on adhd drugs could keep them from taking dangerous risks as teenagers. our friends at the "wall street journal" highlighted the study out of princeton's edition. researchers say they tracked long-term doctors visits of
12:46 pm
nearly 60,000 kids. among the findings, children who received medication for adhd had fewer severe injuries and health problems, they say there was also a slight drop in stds, as well as teen pregnancies. adhd is among the most common childhood disorders and affects about 9% of people between 4 and 18, and not everybody chooses medication, that's for sure. adhd is not a visible problem like the mumps or measles so many parents feel like the drugs aren't necessary and might hurt them more than they help them, but as "the wall street journal" puts it, if a pill could keep your child safer, would you consider it? let's bring in an attorney, who wrote the story in the journal today, a post detect oral research associate at princeton university. how are you? >> good, thank you for inviting me. >> fascinating. when you said 60,000 kids were
12:47 pm
involved when you found these common occurrences with those who were medicated, were you surprised? >> yeah, i was surprised, and i think it's good about our study. we came in without any specific result in mind and we were very agnott agnostic of what we were going to find and we were able to look at the long-term outcome, rather than short-term outcomes clinicals usually address and this is the biggest contribution of our study in fact we'll look at the long-term effects and we can see what happens to teenagers when you know they're -- they can have risky sexual behaviors and teenage pregnancies and we find it beneficial when we compare children who take medication versus who don't, the probab probablyability of events is better. >> if your kid is hyperactive,
12:48 pm
and give your child 20 milligrams of ad earl l, the question was on the side effects. you feel like you have a better handle on it? >> many parents are concerned about side effects. our study does not directly address that effect so we'll look at just specific health outcomes that we outline so those responsible for risky sexual behaviors and substance abuse would be also one of them that -- >> wonder what that is? it's just about being risky? >> yeah, we don't -- so what we use is its insurance claims data so we hope -- we would hope we would have more information of what was the cause behind that or how children get addicted but in fact we have very specific code in the claims data so whatever insurance in the doctor reports and what we see, that is what surprised me for sure that for children, so in a group of children who were diagnosed with adhd, those who took drugs versus those who didn't, the
12:49 pm
probability resulting in a disorder and ad idiction is low. >> i guess the main point for any parent is, talk to your doctor before do you anything. >> for sure. this is a good way to put it. other literature also -- so we contribute to literature that does find beneficial effects of health but there are other literature that finds very little evidence of any educational benefits which many parents are concerned so for sure they should talk to their doctor. >> always. >> the summation of the study and the story in today's editions of the "wall street journal" available at right now. thank you. >> thank you. over the years my producers have -- well, sort of learned that when i'm stressed out, which is a sort of regular occurrence, there's one thing they should never say to me, "relax", and now the research shows why. kennedy is with me next, we'll be right back, so just relax or something. you both have a
12:50 pm
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seven minutes of headlines but first, relax, that can be the most infuriating thing to hear when you are anything but relaxed can't it? someone telling to you relax on command is not only annoying, it's frankly umpossible, that's what the "wall street journal" reports, citing several researchers today. it notes trying to suppress an emotion can actually back fire making a person more upset or angry -- or angrier. kennedy is here, the coast of kennedy 8:00 on the fox bu business network. >> the last thing you need is some passive aggressive busy body standing over your shoulder
12:54 pm
telling you what you're feel stenograph wrong aing is wrong, and we cannot turn off that spigot that is open full bore and pretend we're on a beach in bali smacking on mango and marlin. news is breaking, we're trying to get the right information to people and you get so pient up and someone wil tell you relax. what are you talking about? >> it makes you want to turn to the person who just said that and open your arms for a giant hug and squeeze the life out of them, but you can't do that bought you'd be committing several felonies. when someone tells to you relax in a tennessse moment, stop tel people to relax because it's cruel and mean, but if someone says that, i'll relax when you become attractive, you say. >> ooh. >> it's so mean, right? you totally show a great message and blow off some steam.
12:55 pm
>> this is especially bad with children. >> yeah. >> so you're a mother of two. >> yes. >> with a child, it feels like just hug them and listen to them? >> yes. >> because they want to get at -- want to get the anger or the crazy out. >> and of course you want your child to calm down, but when you scream at your child, calm down, of course it has the opposite response. so instead of saying, it's okay because it's not okay, to them, it doesn't feel okay at all, it's a little more helpful to say, i know. i know. like i totally understand what you're going through. it's not that different with adults. and there was a dentist who was interviewed in that wall street journal article and he has the most nervous people in his dental chair, he doesn't tell them to relax. he asks them, hey, how are you feeling today? >> no he doesn't, and he gives them laughing gas. >> and then he asks you, and you're like, i feel great. nitrous for everybody. >> we won't need it tonight. it is a very big show.
12:56 pm
>> we've got obamacare, zika, and of course the trump reset. >> it will be big. >> huge, huge, in fact. >> i'll be watching. >> fantastic. thank you. wile be back with a look at the invention of a device you use every single time you get into your car and the invention happened on this day in history. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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on this day in 1915, the u.s. government awarded a patent for the very first electric car starter. before then drivers had to use hand cranks to power their engines, not only tiring, it was dangerous. if you left your ignition on before turning the crank your car could start moving without you. the cadillac was the first vehicle to use the electric starter. now a days you can turn on some cars at the touch of a button, no keys needed but you can say good-bye to cranky drivers 101 years ago today.
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and should news break out we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. the truth is, in life, all good things come to an end, and this hour does now. "your world" is next. you are looking live at the fbi's office in new york city. moments ago we captured this image. we believe donald trump is now inside. this is where he's getting his first classified briefing since becoming the republican nominee. now, hillary clinton says trump cannot be trusted with intelligence. that had trump firing back early today. listen to this. >> i'm worried about her getting it because of her e-mail situation. she can't keep anything private. she deleted 33,000 e-mails which is a crime. what she did is a crime. well come, i'm stuart varney in for neil cavuto and this is


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